How to get that Perfect Lawn after "POOPAGEDDON" a few words from Dave McGee Inventor of auggiedog THE POWER STOOL TOOL

We have all endured a horrific and mind numbing hibernation this winter. Now we face the consequences from all those days of letting our Pooches out the back door to do their business. I’m sure our best friends have created a scene from some "Sci-Fi" movie that could easily be called "LAND MINDS FROM HELL" or “POOPAGEDDON”.
I am pleased to offer a few tips for you auggiedog owners that are anxious to get stared to take back your yards from land mine hell. As the snow melts and you head out to tackle the first of the poop remember that some of these babies are likely to be still frozen and your Auggiedog may have trouble scooping them up. Patience poop patrollers, they will eventually soften up enough so your stool tool will pick them up with little trouble and deposit them quickly into the trash faster than Rob Ford’s political career. You may capture a little snow along with the poop but not to worry the process will be painless, and by going out a couple of times your job is not going to be as overwhelming. Just remember it’s a lot easier and faster to use your auggiedog than a shovel. Once the shitty work is done you are probably going to find some damaged areas on your lawn where Fido, through know fault of his own, had decided that this was far enough and I'm getting my ass back to the warm house so this is where it lands. These areas have been over used and you are probable seeing burn marks that resemble crop circles. This burning is caused by the high nitrogen content in your Pooches waste factory and continually dumping it in on the same ground creates this effect. You are going to eventually want to repair these areas and here are a few tips to consider. When you choose a grass seed to reseed chose one that has a high blend of fescues and rye grasses, these varieties can handle higher concentrations of nitrogen compared to the Bermudas and Blue grasses. Seed down with an organic source fertilizer, these fertilizers have a slower release a will last much longer through the season. Chemical lawn fertilizers have a higher concentration of nitrogen and are released quickly. You want to avoid adding another hit of nitrogen on this ground. I like to mix my seed with some organic sheep or cow manure I can source from my gardenstore or farm centre and then apply a quarter to a half an inch of this mixed material to the damaged area. After scuffing the area up a bit first, I lightly tamp it in place and keep it from drying out. Be sure to water frequently. With these few tips you should be back to a quick lawn recovery and enjoying your back yard.
There are a wide variety of products that can help reduce lawn damage ranging from special water bowl rocks or adding tomato soup to dog diets. I encourage you to post a blog on the auggiedog web site to tell us what has worked for you. Let’s all help each other achieve and maintain a perfect lawn.

Regards Dave inventor of the auggiedog



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