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The auggiedog

You will get:

  • The auggiedog
  • auggiedog Charger
  • auggiedog Manual
  • The Cleanstation
  • 1 full year manufacturers warranty

5 Reasons you'll love auggiedog!

  • Pick up dog poop with a click of a button
  • Eliminate the need for bags (environmentally friendly)
  • Built in light for late night walks
  • Handle Beeper for Dog Trainers
  • Comes with auggie Cleaner, no mess to maintain!

Blog Articles

Finding an avenue to get auggiedog into the Wounded Warrior World Feb 02, 2015
auggiedog, Maybe a little long, but there is a point at the end. I was raised God, Country, Family and that is still my way today, and always will be till the day I check out.. There’s only one thing I love more than Pugs, and that’s my wife and Soldiers! While serving almost my whole entire adult life in the US Army, the Soldiers under my responsibility, those to my left and right, and especially those in the fox-holes next to me became my lifelong best brothers and sisters.
auggiedog's "Come on and Rescue me" Campaign is underway Jan 26, 2015
auggiedog is pleased to announce our rescue fund raising program! By working together let's ensure all dogs have the chance to find their forever home! Contact us if your rescue would like more details. auggiedog team

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