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The auggiedog

You will get:

  • The auggiedog
  • auggiedog Charger
  • auggiedog Manual
  • The Cleanstation
  • 1 full year manufacturers warranty

5 Reasons you'll love auggiedog!

  • Pick up dog poop with a click of a button
  • Eliminate the need for bags (environmentally friendly)
  • Built in light for late night walks
  • Handle Beeper for Dog Trainers
  • Comes with auggie Cleaner, no mess to maintain!

Blog Articles

How to get that Perfect Lawn after "POOPAGEDDON" a few words from Dave McGee Inventor of auggiedog THE POWER STOOL TOOL Mar 24, 2014
We have all endured a horrific and mind numbing hibernation this winter. Now we face the consequences from all those days of letting our Pooches out the back door to do their business. I’m sure our best friends have created a scene from some "Sci-Fi" movie that could easily be called "LAND MINDS FROM HELL" or “POOPAGEDDON”.
Now that the SNOW is MELTING DOG POOP ARMAGEDDON Mar 24, 2014
To all our Friends, It's that time of year again - when the snow melts and "Fido's" presents start to reappear in the yard - how can there really be that many????? I didn't think it would be that bad???? With the worst winter in decades comes the worst spring cleanup of our yards - especially, if your beloved pal has been leaving presents. Great time to get the auggiedog, use the auggiedog and make the backyard clean-up a breeze! No bending, no stooping, no touching - just pull the trigger. Send us your "worst yard ever" photo's and we'll share on our Facebook page.

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