Frequently Asked Questions

Owing an auggiedog makes the task of cleaning up after your pet a breeze. Simply pull the trigger and auggiedog will deliver! It is the first ever NO TOUCH, NO STOOP, NO BAG 7.2 V rechargable power tool for picking up your dogs stool! It truly is THE STOOL TOOL!

3-4 hours should be long enough to completely charge your auggiedog. There is a red charging light when the unit is charging. When the red light turns green your unit is charged and ready to go. Be careful not to over charge the battery as this might cause damage to it.

Once you've completed picking up the dog poop in your yard or on your walk simply reverse the auger by pressing the toggle switch on the handle and dump the waste into the garbage, toilet or composter.

NO - do not eject the dog poop into the cleanstation.

This will depend on how often you are using your auggiedog. On average your CLEANSOLUTION may need to be dumped and replaced once every 2 weeks ,but this will be up to the individual user.

We currently ship to the United States & Canada

The product is only 2.8 lbs, which is very easy to carry on a walk.

Yes. The auggiedog is perfectly safe for most environments including grass, pavement, tile floors etc.

Depending on the size of dog, the auggiedog can handle multiple poops!

The auggiedog is strong enough for any job!

In order to ensure that the unit works to its maximum potential it is best to clean after every use.

The CLEANSOLUTION by auggiedog is specially formulated to both degrease and deodorize your auggiedog after each use. If you don't have CLEANSOLUTION on hand then you can use any other household cleaner that is non-abrasive and performs the same function.