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Let’s be responsible and pick-up after our dogs

Dog poop does have its issues within our society. From parks, yards and boulevards no one wants to see dog waste on the lawn. Recently a dog walker was charged and taken to court over allegations that her pooch pooped and she did not scoop.

Auggiedog launched in the USA

We are very excited to have launched the first ever yard tool for picking up what your pal leaves behind! Through extensive design / testing and manufacturing partnerships, we are proud to launch our auggiedog yard tool in the USA.

APA gives auggiedog 5-Star rating

Business has really been strong since the APA (American Pet Association) gave the auggiedog a 5-star approval rating. Here’s what the APA had to say about the auggiedog: “Very well made. High quality units.” “When used properly, easily picks up pet waste and makes cleaning up after your pet a breeze.”

Message from auggiedog inventor

Hi all auggiedog friends, As the inventor of the new auggiedog power tool for dog owners, I sincerely hope we have made your life looking after your best friend a little easier. After much thought and design we believe the revolutionary new auggiedog far surpasses any other product that has tried to address the dreaded cleanup problem.

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